Saturday, November 19, 2005

& Yet Some Spine Exists...

The House of Representatives was turned into a boiling tempest last night! Following the many Demo voices, led by Rep. Murtha, calling for withdrawl from Iraq, a motion was actually made to do just that!

It failed by a vote of 403 to 3 (6 brave Dems refused to indicate their position).

In a comedy of unveiling the Dems for what they are the GOP forced them to take sides, except for the 6, and the cowards dove for cover faster than one could believe.

Capt. Ed has it minute-by-minute as the procedural dance came down and you should read it all and understand the two-faced minority party.

If the Dems don't have a truly sheepish grin on their faces today, then they are completely without shame.

I love it.....Now if we could just overturn the Senate's GOP fiasco vote earlier in the week. That, it is becoming apparent, is not going to occur. Much more likely is a scenario in which the matter quietly falls thru the cracks in House-Senate conference.