Monday, November 07, 2005

I am not alone re: France/Euro-Islamic War!

I posted in "France is Simmering!" that I saw the events as much more than some burning, looting, etc.

Mark Steyn, in The Chicago Sun Times expands in a much more clear way in his piece "Wake Up, Europe, You've a War on Your Hands!"

This MSM-suppressed/denied/ignored story is growing and growing and the beginning is all we have seen. Much more will follow, and Europe is NOT going to like it.

The MSM finds the story not to their liking as it breaks sharply from their own biased presentations that the Muslim problem is largely OUR creation. Not so, and it never was.

I hate what is happening as it was not necessary.....or, perhaps maybe it now IS necessary. The only move that may awaken the elitist/condescending French to stir themselves to action. If not, Islam has then arrived full force and in-charge in Europe. Expansion is only a natural progression.