Monday, October 31, 2005

Alito - This is a Winner in Many Ways!


Pres Bush has recovered and gone beyond in this humble writer's look at things!

Let us examine a few facts:

Alito is a CONSERVATIVE! (1st boost)

He is EXPERIENCED! (2nd Boost)

He is NOT on record in anything which smacks of problems for him as a judge, nor as a potential Supreme! (3rd Boost)

Ed at "Captain's Quarters" has his usual sharp review of what it means for the happless Demos and the GOP

"Of course, the Democrats blew their one opportunity to get a moderate on the bench during the Bush administration by waiting until Miers withdrew before defending her. Prior to that, Charles Schumer and Pat Leahy took great pains to call her questionnaire response "insulting" and echoing conservative complaints that her resume seemed too lightweight for a nomination to the Supreme Court. Had they pledged to support her, Bush likely would have allowed her to coast through the hearings to a floor vote despite the dissatisfaction on the right.

Now Bush has nominated a jurist with a solid track record and a reputation for a scholarly and consistent approach to Constitutional issues. However, unlike some of the other people on the list, such as Janice Rogers Brown, Alito does not produce a knee-jerk reaction on the Left. The two organizations that have pushed the disastrous obstructionist strategy for the Democrats, People for the American Way and Alliance for Justice, don't even have a ready profile for opposition to Alito, despite his long residence on conservative short lists.

This is too good....

Finally a face off....finally a do or die....(I hope) for the candidate....Will somebodies please go beat the Gang of 7 GOPs from the previous "agreement" soundly about the head and shoulders to wake them to the fact THIS is the time to BE GOP!