Friday, October 14, 2005

Major Events Preclude Posts!

Sounds like an MSM headline!

Actually, it is a transitional event in the lives of Duke and Dutchess.....

We have, within the past two weeks, purchased our "Dream Machine".....our very own 33' "MotorCoach".....

Yeppers, a full-fledged RV....Just what we have dreamed of for 4-5 years, and planned for, and searched....etc.

Now we have it.

Two days of enjoying our 1st outing (not a great place, but a nice time anyway due our unit and its offerings.)

We'll be back, but for now posts will be limited!



UPDATE: Well, actually, there is more.....I have initiated a new blog....just to retell our stories of RV ownership and the transition from beginner, hopefully to an accomplished user...with tips, hints, and clues for all!!!!

Check us out at: Our Blog!

Hope you enjoy!