Monday, October 10, 2005

Come to Think of It!....

Sometimes a short statement by someone just sets off the alarms in my head with its complete correctness!

Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds, for anyone who has never surfed the blogs) offered a close to one of his as-usual brief comments:

"Am I wrong, or is politics just getting . . . Dumber lately"?

His quote comes at the end of a brief story: here.

While Glenn was referring to the Sandy "Pants" Berger episode...And the use now by the Clintonistas to answer this week's charges by Freeh...There is much more meat to this claim if one but lists the recent actions of many;

Howard Dean continues to scoop most of the politicos with his rants off the edge of the page.

Kennedy is always good for an off-message rant that offers no meat, but lots of, er, gas?

Louisiana officials from mayor to governor to senator completely lose touch with reality both before and after Katrina.

Pelosi in California comes out swinging with a mop and few facts.

In his stellar utilization of powers as State's Attorney, Mr. Earle has seemingly muddied any ideas of right or wrong by being so blind in his need to charge DeLay with something, anything...That he has apparently opened himself to much criticism, and perhaps some charges by literally seizing the Grand Jury format as a weapon.. While ignoring facts and things like dates when laws were enacted.

President Bush seems to have made an ill-advised choice for Supreme; one which has both provided fodder for the Democrats on cronyism charges, and fractured his base with its apparent ineptitude.

The list could be pages and pages, but I believe the point is made.

There is some basic point of politics which has allowed these participants in the game to begin to assume one of two things; They themselves are so very, very believed by their followers as to be immune to fact and reality, or, that the public will eventually agree to anything they say out of stupidity.

I, for one, and I am sure I am not alone, find politics to be enough to make me nauseous...frequently!