Sunday, October 23, 2005

Vay-Kay-Shun 2

Mentioned we spent last week at the beach (Madeira Beach, FL). Didn't get too much into why we love it so.

In 1991 the Dutchess and I spent our 1st week there at the timeshare; one she had owned when we got together, but had never visited for a week.

We have gone the same week (week 42, by RCI standards) every year since. Met many friends who returned year after year, and most still do.

We bought a 2nd week (week 21) in May, and bank it usually to use elsewhere. We have been to Fontana Village, NC; Cashiers, NC; Lake Genva, WI; and Galveston, TX. Many folks we meet own several weeks to multiple months of time, and travel about all over. RCI has units in most countries of the world, and almost all states in the USA.

We bought a week attached to our week 42 (week 43, of course) in the same unit, so now we can stay 2 weeks and enjoy the beach at the time when it traditionally cools off and becomes really nice.

Then son, Little Duke and I jointly bought a 2nd unit in week 42, a two bedroom unit which we use for he and his family, plus other family members who can get there. Makes for a mini-family/friend get together annually at the beach. Something we enjoy no end!

it has become a special time for us, and a focal point for our October/Fall.