Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Fitzmas" Failed & Now They Ignore Facts - AGAIN!

Yes, the indictments flow.......er, THE indictment flows.....er, the single charge of something entirely NOT related to the original charge of the "Plame" groundsearch has been delivered....

The entire tempest in a tea pot is recorded, and filed and then dug up by an ever-vigilent DEM group of thieves (Senators) who want to dig down a find SOME REASON.....ANY REASON.... for the debacle that is the FITZ search of two years.

SO-o-o-o-o, Let us hold a "super-double-secret" hidden hearing into the Iraq war and it's origins. Odds Bodkins! It is amazing this could now transpire.....

The GOP is laughing; the Blogs are laughing; the public will soon be laughing as they realize the depravity of the DEMs and their search for SOME meaning for life without GOP!

I love it all, and I hope it continues, and given the DEMs current mind set it cannot help but continue!