Saturday, November 05, 2005

France is Simmering!

I posted about "Paris is Simmering!" just a couple of days
However, the scene seems for me to be clearing vis-a-vis the actual scope of this new and desperate explosion within France of Muslim youth and young adults who are utilizing a French attitude of segregation and separation to advance an Islamist jihad mentality and to begin a stage of unrest/terrorism which I forsee as very very damaging for France (anyone else wanting to bet the spread to other countries will be quick...and in fact Denmark is already seeing a similar thing)...

Capt Ed at Captain's Quarters does a nice analysis of what is however, I predict a much more defined of the seed sowing of terrorism within EU countries....

The current car-burning, building destroying, rampaging young Muslims will soon be contained by whatever means by the French. In its place will come a much smaller group of dedicated terrorist (MSM will deem them by a much-less defined insurgents).

Then France/Denmark, where ever this spreads, will face the type of attacks we are seeing in Iraq. A Stretch? I think not....the only missing ingredient is the availability of explosives, etc. & we are already reading about missiles and explosives being brought into France.

Man, do I hope I am wrong!