Thursday, November 10, 2005

This Scares Me!

I today had a 10-year-younger brother undergo the knife for a quad bypass procedure. He has previously had a mild heart attack.

My sister a year younger than am I has had both a bypass (single) and a carotid stent placement.

My sister three years younger died at age 47 of heart disease.

I have had none of these. I am approaching 63.....the others living are now 61, and 53.

This scares me.....not the fact of heart-related issues. They are rife in my family. But, instead the fact of my being the oldest again, and the fact of possible depletion of my siblings.

I am the oldest.....I should die 1st!

One sister beat me out of the the other two scare me to death.

I cannot imagine being alive without ANY brother or sisters.....

This dates back to the death of my 1993. She died, and I wept. Then it hit me about a week later....I was the eldest of the clan. The immediate clan, of course. I was the eldest and felt ill-prepared to know what the family was/is/should be. We are a close family, but did not anticipate the deaths of our parents....(do any of us????)

Scary stuff, but I have instituted a complete history of the family for all our kids...and have begun the restoration of the family bibles....(one each from Great Grandfather's family and Great Grandmother's family)....

Pass it on folks.....If you do not chronicle the family and let your kids know the past will be lost.