Friday, November 18, 2005

"Malaise?"....Yep, in the GOP Controlled(?) Congress!

"The Blind Leading the Blind!"

Senator Frist and his party colleagues haves allowed/joined with the largest bed-wetting ever in a GOP-controlled Senate. The House fares not much better!

The message has been lost. The directive of a majority electorate to concentrate upon a few basic issues to insure a GOP success has been abysmally lost.

Hugh Hewitt has the twelve word directive given by this majority of voters in 2000, 2002 and again in 2004:

Win the war.
Confirm the judges.
Cut the taxes.
Control the spending.

Up to this week the GOP had cut taxes, but now waffles on continuation of those economy-boosting measures.

They had absolutely failed to control spending to the tune of far exceeding former Democratic legislatures in allocating massive amounts of money in all directions.

Judges languish for months, years without a push by a majority which could, at any time, impose their voter-dictated will on the Senate.

However, up until this week the solid support for GWB on the war had been unshakable. Now in one short period of two days, conveniently while the President is afield doing the business of diplomacy necessary for his position, this wobbly GOP Senate has accomplished a destruction of the first item listed above by Hugh. The devestation is complete!

Senator Frist is still going about proclaiming how he and his GOP buddies managed to halt the Demo charge to cut short the war. All his statements fly in the face of statements reflecting what people actually feel across the many faces of the world body....

The Democrats proclaim this a major victory as the GOP "sees the light"; the Iraqi public has to wonder what we are going to do; The rest of the world, most notably the terrorists and their organizations, see this as a beginning to a repeat of the Vietnam bailout; and, here at home the word not heard for years since Jimma Carter uttered it, "Malaise" resurfaces loudly!

The tendency for the base of the GOP, at this point, will be to withdraw support, crawl away and leave the elected party folk to twist in the wind.

That would be the death knell for the party and its conservative base into the foreseable future.

NOW is the time for each and every one of the true GOP to follow folk like Hugh Hewitt, and barrage our Senators with our venom over their misdeeds. Let them know they are WRONG!

Read the entire story at Hewitt's

Then get good and mad and contact a Senator, as well as the boneheaded Frist!