Friday, November 11, 2005

A Salute to Vets....& One In Particular!

I salute all our Veterans (yes it is/should be a capital letter).......

Capt. Ed at Captain's Quarters sez it very well....HERE!

To his lovely picture and sentiment I add only my own salute to my most revered soldier......

2nd Lt. Paul Kenneth DeLand, Sr.

My father and soldier hero. 33rd Division, Served in Italy, S. France, and in the USA where he met my lovely Mother Harriet Faye Hage at Joe Wheeler Dam in Alabama while he was Sgt. in charge of protection for the TVA facility. They eloped, and some 11 months, 21 days later, I was born in Long Beach, CA while he was on shore patrol.....Paul Kenneth DeLand, II.

He was three times purple heart.....suffered battle fatigue (nervous breakdown) in S. France and had to be dragged into a foxhole by his men after he replaced three other Lts. and was promoted to 2nd Lt. in the battle field.....he and his group lost most of their men several times..
He never fully recovered, but also NEVER spoke of the hardships and the death....Only a few good times on R & R, etc.

A Salute, Lt. DeLand from a very proud son!