Saturday, November 19, 2005

Iraqi Disagreement With Rep. Murtha

"I agree with Mr. Murtha that some people in Iraq would benefit from an immediate withdrawal but that would be al-Qaeda and there are also countries in the region that would benefit from that too but these would be Syria and Iran!"

No, these are not the words of a GOP Legislator, nor of the President....But those of Mohammed at Iraq The Model, a blog by two Iraqi citizens whose view is surely more spot-on than Mr. Murtha's limited vision from Washington. Read it all.

How is it this man who has lived through and with bombings, shooting, and the vileness of a war in his own country, manages to have such a positive attitude about the direction of things? Perhaps it has to do with his love for Democracy, something Rep. Murtha seems to have hidden away so he can strike for political purposes.

For a true picture of Iraq, read this fine blog daily! I do...