Friday, November 25, 2005

Border Problem, I Don't See No Stinkin Problem!

Mexico Invades USA!

Sound incredible to you? Well in some form, it has week ago. Mexicans, either citizens in fake uniforms, or actual Mexican Troops crossed into the USA and dragged away behind a bulldozer a truck load of marijuana the US Border Patrol had chased and begun to unload after it became stuck in river sand.

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters has the story here!

Wonder why the US Main Stream Media don't find this a story? Wonder what the media would do if a US patrol had crossed into Mexico and taken a truck filled with drugs from them? Bet that would have been major news headlines.

How sad that following 9/11 we find ourselves still with an open border along which we have almost no control. Our Border Patrol is ill-equipt for such duty, and cannot possibly contain the massive influx. President Bush seems inclined to try to keep it that way!

There is one light of hope in the face of Bush's apparent total break here with popular opinion. HR 4313 has been filed and will soon be public. It moves much more toward enforcement, and quite obviously flies in the face of former Bush legislation which, under the guise of border control, actually gave amnesty to all who crossed the birder.

Michelle Malkin's The Immigration Blog has a story written by Juan Mann which sheds light on the new bill we should all support.

Read the story here.

It is time folks to reach out and touch someone.....the Bush Administration for instance, and let them know WE, the people of the USA are ready for control and a halt to the outrageous events along the border. Time to shut this flowing terrorist, drug river down!