Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crist-Spector....Twin Brothers from A Different Mother?

Charlie Crist just cannot deprive himself of himself being important and in the forefront in Florida. If he is not "his" party's choice, he will be in the race as an Independent.

Arlen Spector just cannot deprive himself of the importance of letting more than "his" party decide his future.

Both men have tried the conservative GOP theme, and then failed miserably at.....wellllll....B-E-I-N-G Conservative Republicans.

In their own minds they are just too important a political commodity for their constituents to be deprived of their presence. My God! These politicians have an ego they cannot climb over...

The sad part is both could be spoilers.....particularly Charlie "I Love That Stimulous" Crist. He may divide the GOP/Conservative vote just enough to allow a DEM to crawl through.

How shameful they are.