Monday, April 12, 2010

Unemployment Benefits Question Strikes Home!

Back from their exhilarating Easter home visit....most spending more time avoiding their constituents than actually communicating with them....the CongressCritters have returned to their Washington DC home and the discussion they left behind....Unemployment benefits.

This morning my eldest daughter called quite upset. Her benefits are among those expiring. Her years-long job as a dispatcher for a large heating/plumbing/AC company ended when business fell off more than a year ago.

Now the facts are there...she and her hubby face major potential problems unless she finds a job, or the benefits are extended. She actually has located a few jobs, but in each case the job would produce less take-home money than the cost of her child care for the grandchildren aged 4 and 2.

Meanwhile the CongressCritters have again agreed to disagree. DEMs say they want a new extension of the benefits...digging a deeper debt hole as no funds are available. GOPs instead say, utilize some of the billions of "Stimulous" money already approved.

Grid Lock. What will be the solution?...Will it result in help for my daughter?

Sometimes the idiocy of the DC Dance strikes directly at your family instead of from some theoretical point of view.

It is not a good feeling, and leaves me wishing the November vote was tomorrow so I could help remove as many of the 435 in DC as possible. That will be of little help to my daughter and her young family.