Friday, April 09, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?

Bart Stupak is not going to run again. Color me surprised!....NOT!

Let's look at the line of reasoning I believe he probably followed....excluding the mandatory "they threatened me" argument which will be the 1st-line-of-defense issued by Democrats. Remember those same Democrats refuse to acknowledge that Republicans also have had lots of threats, not to mention at elast two GOP offices damaged by brick-hurling thugs.

O.K., Stupak saw a) his district went for Bush both times. b) the uproar from within his own district has been loud and long. c) Tea Party Express is after him, and feet are already on-the-ground with only one goal....unseat Stupak. d) his probable recognition that Obama snookered him with the Executive Order...having all the power, well, not really anything.

In addition....there are the considerations in favor of retirement: a) he does not have to face his public. b) he retains his salary FOR LIFE! c) he gets to keep the extraordinarily-superb medical coverage that ALL Senators and CongressCritters have, for life! Not the really special ObamaCare the rest of the public will live with.....or die on behalf of.

Decision? DUH! This one, I believe, was in the bag from the day Bart slid the ObamaCare package safely into Obama's desk with his actions.

The comforting thing? This will NOT be the last such maneuver out of the spotlight by a Democrat this election cycle.....some by choice....some at the hands of the voters.