Wednesday, April 07, 2010


1/2 of ALL households in USA pay NO INCOME TAXES!!!

But we need to "S-O-A-K" The Rich?????

If you pay NOTHING....why should you or any of your compatriots have ANY say about taxes???? Just askin!

I see this as completely unfair......I pay taxes...I earn my money....I am one of the persons to be "SOAKED" by taxes.....

WHY should I be responsible for YOU! I did nothing wrong....In fact I worked my BUTT OFF to get where I am. If you have no money, maybe you did not. So it becomes MY job to offer you MY money cause you did not work, or you made BAD choices????? Bull Shit!

You live according to what you do/ do I. Don't bitch-slap my income because YOU failed at what you did!!!!