Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Comprehensive Anti-Obama Arguments!

At Hot Air there is a comprehensive look at Obama, without the MSM's constant and consistent oohing, aahing, swooning, and "shivers-up-my-legs" in-the-tank coverage. Take away the mystique, which voters are quite likely to do, and you have this look by the talented veteran blogger Ed Hennessy, and two younger bloggers.

The mystique may indeed disappear when the voter curtain is pulled. In fact the polls show the mystique is already going away like a bad fog.

One can hope.

AND...Let us not forget "The super-gaffetastic Joe Biden"...something the MSM seems capable of doing quite nicely.

What a duo.....inexperienced Obama and the delightfully (as long as he's not VP) hoof-in-mouth Slow Joe Biden. Let us hope they stick around after the election as the latest version of Martin and Lewis...without the singing ability!