Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Focus is Not Right In This Election

It seems to me we have become not only a nation divided by severely acrimonious lines-in-the-sand from both parties, but we are also judging a Presidential election by all the wrong "realities."

For the first part of this decade the cries from the Democrat pols were all about spending by the GOP, and their wild pork attitudes...leading to the decimation of an apparent surplus left by Bill Clinton. Eventually, in 2006, the GOPs loss of their direction vis-a-vis the 1994 battle cries led to a reversal to give the Democrat Party a lead in both the Senate and the Congress.

The magical Democrat "cure" for all the GOP ills has not only not materialized in two years, but we have seen disaster in our financial picture...a disaster to which we may not yet have found the bottom! The Dems were outspoken supporters of the Freddie/Fannie dynamic duo...a support given in return for massive F/F funding for the Dem candidates.

Meanwhile, despite their cries about ending partisan politics and halting the rampant spending of the GOP years, the Dems & GOP have continued merrily along their way porking each and every bill so much the bills looked like entire libraries by the time they were passed.

Now we have folks....a LOT of folks....deciding their vote based upon the old saw that a bad economy is always the fault of the party in the White House. This despite the fact the Congress is the location of the P-O-R-K!!!!!

I have long maintained that a complete turn over in our Congress would give new "starch" to the collars of some who would perhaps take a more close look at any pork attempts. This wonderful premise is a lot like communism....it looks good on paper but fails in actual practice. Each and every Congressional district is chock full of voters who wish to turn out every congressperson in every district...EXCEPT theirs in which their own personal porker has continually brought home the bacon. Thus incumbents get to stay, as they knew they would, BECAUSE they bring home the awful pork!

So our election is focusing upon an uber-liberal who leads as his cute motto about "Change".....seems to provide a good feeling....even if the feeling is just that, a feeling and not factual as to any real help. Most financial experts agree Obama's proposed policies, if enacted, would hike unemployment, and slow the economic engine a LOT!

On the other hand, McCain offers Palin.....and that is about all I find useful in him. His illegal stands, and his McCain Feingold will haunt us forever...but especially if he is elected.

I guess my original premise should have been......"We're Lost!" But the fact remains the election is swinging on things not even Presidential in nature. Meanwhile Congress continues to fiddle while Washington, and most of our money, burns and we just keep sending the same highly-unpopular idiots to mind the piggy bank.

Maybe Neal Boortz is right.....it is our government-educated folks who are to blame.