Monday, October 13, 2008

Look Who's Gripped By Insane Rage!

Michelle Malkin has it all.....

The Obamassiah group, between chants of "The One, The One, The One", are sounding off as if GOP folks were the perpetrators of rage....when, in fact, the opposite is true. The theme this entire election has been one of deny everything, and sling every possible charge against the GOP.

Obama and company have defiled the word "RACIST" so much by their misuse that the word no longer holds any meaning at all. Every last ANYTHING said by ANYONE which in ANY WAY is anti-Obama is simply "RACIST."

How completely pathetic.

We are already hearing that as soon as The One is elected the Congress will move instantly to stop once again the drilling, and to begin separating those who achieve from their money to repay the freeloaders who vote Democrat.

This will be a great 4 years in the life of the USA, if the election goes as it seems. Instead of punishing the Democrats who are primarily responsible for the entire financial fiasco, the lack-of-knowledge left voters are going to punish the GOP because they had a President. They seem to feel the Congress has nothing to do with it.