Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Well, Isn't That Special? - ACORN Gets Bailout Benefit!

So you were sold a bill of goods by Democrat lawmakers who said we had to fix the problem they created......Then many GOPs joined in (liberally slathered in P-O-R-K!)

Not the tale comes out......ACORN, now charged or under investigation in no less than 11 states for voter fraud, will have a hand in "renegotiating loans for those who got them even though not prepared, qualified or able to pay back the loans."

Michelle Malkin had a piece on this which describes just how bad it is.

The Democrat pandering to low-income and to ACORN is pathetic. NO - Not everyone "deserves" a home loan. One must prove themselves ready and capable of being a homeowner....well, unless you are a Democrat...then these folks all "deserve" loans on homes they cannot afford and on which they will default....Unless ACORN rides in and cuts half their debt.

I am tired of buying houses for others who have proven they cannot manage themselves nor money!