Saturday, October 11, 2008

Impact of The Current Financial Crisis

I had a reader inquire what impact the current nose dive is having on the Duchess and they know we are retired.

I am glad to report we are OK.

Last January (it should have probably been November or December) we jumped out of the funds in to the money market. You make next to nothing, or nothing considering cost of living, etc.....BUT you also do not lose 20 - 35% of your nest egg.

I am actually getting a bit ansy about getting back in....but our financial guy is saying hold off. He'll wait til the UP gets started again...and it will...and then we'll probably go back a bit piecemeal.

At one point we came close to going the guaranteed % type funds, but we already have some in those and they are frankly not doing well. Soooo, that's about it folks...We're OK, though I have a current "burr under my saddle", albeit it minor.

We vacationed aboard our "RoadHouse" (33 foot class A motor home) in July. After returning to gas from $3.82 to $420 during the trip, I waited patiently and when gas hit $3.65 at our local TA I filled the big baby up. Today I filled one of our regular care for $3.27.....But the old coulda-shoulda argument is weak in its best form, so I guess overall I am happy we are buying where we are, and according to the experts we might be down below $3.00 in November.