Friday, October 17, 2008

Polls Show Close Race...Except For The Polls Which Show Otherwise!


This is too delicious......It points to the fact the polls are completely, deliriously W-R-O-N-G!!!!!


The polls have been SOOOOO wrong, SOOOOOO often they are just not benchmarks of ANY kind!

AND Then there is the 200 ton elephant in the room which everyone seems to ignore. While Obamaites SCREAM racism at each and every posting by bloggers and by any other rational folk.....The fact is they are wrong.

There is NO racism in the actions/voices of folks in the race and attached to the race (well, except for Obama folks who are RACIST!)....


The curtains close on the voting booth, and the folks vote. NOT in the mode they presented to the polls.....NOT in the mode they presented to the phone pollsters...
NOPE...They will vote against Obama because they find him three things.....



WITH NO REAL AGENDA FOR CHANGE....Except for tax hikes on the producers of jobs in the USA, and only to "Redistribute Wealth....." Something he has now publicly admitted! AND something opposed by MORE THAN 80% of the voting public.

Obama will be defeated.....I am fairly certain of this!