Saturday, July 05, 2008

When "Hope & Change" Becomes "Politics-As-Usual"

Obama, the youthful beacon of that grand scheme for hope & change has jumped/leaped so far right in his last few days that one must now question what his real beliefs are going to be.

JammieWearingFools said, "Of course there's nothing much new in what the senator has done. In the lexicon of modern American politics, it's called a pivot. You campaign hard to the party's extreme in the primary election, where the base voters tend to be. Then, when the nomination is secure and there are no more idealists to be humoured, you pivot back to the centre. The only difference is that in Mr Obama's case the pivot is so hard and so fast that the entire Democratic Party is suffering from whiplash."

JWF's entire post is HERE!

The real question now is, IF ELECTED....what will Mr. Obama's stripes reveal? Will he then reverse course yet another time and return to his "actual" beliefs as a near-socialist leftie? Or, perhaps, he will remain somewhat middle-of-the-road in recognition of his limited ability to go full left?

One thing I really dislike about Obama is his oft-demonstrated ability to shed one skin to reveal a different one. I get the feeling I am dealing with the flavor-of-the-month and none of it is real!

With McCain, at least I know all the bad spots and weaknesses ahead of time (illegal immigration/health care & more)....and I do not near so much fear the possible reality of a post-election McCain. Well, actually, I do fear him as not to my political taste....but I still know where he is going to land in most situations. At least he is anti-pork while Obama is one of the pork kings of Congress.