Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Our "Gummit" In Action - Watch Your Wallet!

As noted in my description for this blog, I am an officer in our local Elks Lodge.

Recently we decided to eliminate our P. O. Box in favor of delivery at the Lodge.....saving me 5 trips to the post office each week. I dutifully filled out a change-of-address form more than a week prior to the change date of June 27th.

Now it is July 1st....5 days post-change.

No mail - & no pickups at our Lodge.

A trip to the area Post Office and a visit with a clerk sends me bonkers. When I asked why no change his response was......"We don't handle that here."

WHAT? The fellow is standing about 50 feet or so from the area where our postal delivery person sorts mail before delivering.

"We send the changes out to a special company who issues the change back to our delivery person."

WHAT? I asked if he could at least check on it since it has been more than a week since I left the change.

"No, we're not allowed to call the company. But, if you are still not getting mail this Saturday, then you can come back in and ask for a supervisor who can call them."

I wonder how many 42 cent stamps they had to sell just to pay for the paper trail so i could do without mail for who-knows-how-long?

Still think the "Gummit" should handle something as important as our healthcare? If so, you are hopeless.