Friday, July 04, 2008

Then I went to buy a phone!

It started out as a less-than-prime day. I felt a bit bad from the residue of attending the third-game of the Red Sox-Tampa Rays series. The games/series were fine as our newly-emerged Rays (formerly the Devil Rays) dealt with the Sox in good fashion to sweep the series. At any rate, I felt sluggish and was headed out to get my new phone.

It is a long story, but suffice it to say Duchess is already on Sprint, as is my laptop. I still had a heavy, clunky Nextel. My contract was clear and I wanted the Duchess' M520 slide phone. Sprint had called and offered bribes to us to switch my phone to Sprint and get back on a "family plan". I drove to our closest mall, Citrus Park, where there is an official Sprint store. They did not have the M520 in stock. They sent me across Tampa to North Dale Mabry store. After a 15 minute wait for a clerk available, he dutifully collected a phone, bluetooth, and charger for me. Then their computers went down. 90 minutes I was told.

I drove to the Elks Lodge, at the opposite end of Dale Mabry. Leaving there I found a closer Sprint store nearer the Lodge. In a short 65 minutes I had the phone, and all was right with my world, except the plan we had signed up fro could not be found by the store. I have the phone, and it even takes fairly good pictures. Now I have to call and reach the young lady who did the original plan so we can insure we are on the "family plan".

Why is it there days that nothing seems easy? 5 hours to buy a phone?