Monday, January 21, 2008

"The Race" Speaker Degrades King's True Message!

In celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday the keynote speaker will be the head of La Raza ("The Race"). That is not a problem....however her planned race-baiting comments which seem to make any form of opposition to illegals into a race issue degrades King's message!

Michelle Malkin summed it up this way: "We’ve gone from King’s dream of a color-blind society to lobbying by a group called “The Race” for DREAM Act benefits for illegal aliens, amnesty for illegal aliens, driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, and separatist schools for Hispanics.

This is progress?"

Michelle's comments are right on!

In a typical liberal theme, if you criticize anyone not white-anglo, even for a crime, you are a racist. In my estimation this is the best method to INSURE that people get mad. The majority of folks in this country love this country...not La Raza!

Here is Michelle's entire piece; A Good Read!