Monday, January 21, 2008

Obama Sez "Tell The Truth Bill!"

& The major Democrat operatives tell Bill...."SHUT The Fxxx UP!"

This is going to get interesting.

Bill is fighting to save the SSHillary as it flounders in the sea of "Anti-Clinton".....he lies, tells stories, and tries ever-so-hard to be the saving grace for the ice-queen.

Obama has called him out. This will not be one of those numerous occasions when Bill stares down the folks who ask for truth by being outspoken and loud.....This one calls him to task for fabrication! and it will be a force.....

Now things get really, really dirty...The Clintons do not know how to lose, and they will fight with ANYTHING they can throw to win.

I love it....the GOP benefits......Even if Hildabeast gets the nomination, she is going to be wounded, and the GOP can pick the bones from the harvest of the Dem fight.

Ya Gotta Love it!