Monday, January 28, 2008

CAMELOT....L-O-V-E-S Obama !!!

This is probably no surprise...BUT it is across the board.

Kennedys just LOVE Obama!

Caroline Kennedy, perhaps the prize of the endorsements to date, likes Obama and finds him much like her father. Ted, the drunken senior Senator is also on the bandwagon...though his endorsement is not the biggest possible....given his own image!

The new JFK (NO, NOT John Kerry....far from it!)

The R-E-A-L JFK.......

The endorsements at this point come fast and furious....


These may signal a change in the party.

The question....

Can the "OLD Democrats" control the flow of votes????

Caroline's endorsement is perhaps the most damning to the Clinton's. It is a truly strong pronouncement from a lady who has refrained from politics until NOW!

IT has significance!

WOW Does it!