Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bill Clinton Promoted To Race Baiter 1st Class!

The day Obama wins South Carolina, Bill Clinton takes the next big step in his outrageous bid to paint the campaign as black vs white.

ABC's Jake Tapper Paints Clinton a Racist!

WOW! Nothing racist here.....just a little tiny comparison that Jesse Jackson = Barack Obama. Nothing to see here....move along!

Gosh, wonder what kinda play this will get across all the media. Wonder what play it would get if McCain-Giuliani-Romney had any of them issued this statement????? Oh yeah, then the story would have been Sharpton and Jackson accusing them of Racist statements!

No bias here at all folks.

Over at Captain's Quarters, Capt. Ed had a bit different look....not including the Willy remark about Jackson, but showing the actual intensity of the Hillary Clinton loss in S.C.:

"The strategy coming out of the Clinton campaign attempted to pre-spin the apparent loss as an election that broke along racial lines. With this broad gap, that will be a lot harder to do. The black vote accounts for half of all South Carolina Democrats, but the span of his victory shows that he reached across ethnic lines. According to CNN's exit poll, he won a majority of non-black votes in the 18-29-year-old demographic, and a quarter of non-black votes in two other demographic age groups. Hillary didn't win pluralities among non-black age demographics; Edwards actually did better than Hillary did in these categories.

Obama, in his victory speech, took special aim at the Clintons. While saying that they needed to respect their competitors, he clearly relished prevailing over all of the attacks in the past week. He claimed the triumph as a vindication of a new approach to politics, one that didn't include ridiculing someone for noting that Republicans had ideas of their own even while not endorsing them. Anyone watching the speech understood exactly what he meant, and the message was clear -- the Clintons came up empty."

That tells it pretty simply.....race-smaysh....Clinton took a walloping in the race. It will be interesting to see what, if any, impact this has upon Tuesday's race here in Florida where Hildabeast leads by 15-20 points according to most polls. How much will it narrow?