Monday, January 28, 2008

Tomorrow I Vote....Decision Time

I had posted, and even placed a free ad for Fred Thompson on this site. Fred, through whatever combination of events/organizational deficits, etc. has left the building.

A new choice is needed.

Mitt Romney will get my vote.

I labored a bit on this as I can like he or Rudy equally, for some different reasons. Rudy is a proven stand-up guy when disaster/terrorism strikes. He has managed a major city and been in corporate management as well. Mitt has tremendous experience, and successful experience in both public and private sector activities.

Just as I was making my mind up to go with Mitt, Captain Ed seemed to not only cover exactly my thoughts, but to go deeper in HIS decision to go with Mitt.

HIS decision and justification is worth a read and precludes my need to go deeper than above in my own decision...enjoy it!

I still feel Hillary will prevail over Obama, but the wounds, the exposures, the Billary experience both past and present is shop-worn, showing in lack of candor, and proving the incompetence many of us saw years ago.

Go Mitt!

Then on to the BIG contest!