Monday, January 28, 2008

Christianity is Dead? Oh, And We're Sorry Islam!

Finally a writer who somewhat, at least, mirrors my own image of how Christianity is being man-handled by Islamic Imams, et al.....Recently a group of Christian religious leaders answered a fairly bland Islamic Cleric offering of "we are all religious" with an apology...a totally dhimmi attitude....

"The groveling self-abasement of this language, particularly its begging forgiveness of Allah, is matched only by its remarkable historical ignorance. “Outright hostility” has indeed existed between Muslims and Christians, for the simple reason that for 13 centuries Islam grew and spread by war, plunder, rapine, and enslavement throughout the Christian Middle East. Allah’s armies destroyed regions that were culturally Christian for centuries, variously slaughtering, enslaving, and converting their inhabitants, or allowing them to live as oppressed dhimmi, their lives and property dependent on a temporary “truce” that Muslim overlords could abrogate at any time."

Read the entire Bruce S. Thompson article here.

Simple theme...Liberals love do the radical Islamics, and quite apparently even the moderates as well....."We're wrong, and if we'd just apologize enough it will all go away, and peace will reign!"

The part missed, almost universally, by those who pontificate upon the wrongs of the Christian world against Islamic countries for centuries, is that the Islamic world started it all...they 1st took Christian lands. Thus if they would accept responsibility for even this much we might have a chance....Har Har! Never, never happen. Why, well 1st of all Islam is matter what. 2nd, there can be no recognition, under Islam, of any other religion, religious work, or acceptance of the right of any other to worship as anything but devout Islamic people.

It is a one-way street. It has always been a one-way street. It will remain so until such time as the Islamic extremists are convinced they cannot move forward. That, my friends, will NEVER happen as long as the apologists of the world remain convinced that something that has NEVER worked, apology and acquiescence, will indeed work if practiced long and hard enough.