Monday, August 27, 2007

Arizona Law Proves Illegals Flee ID Verification

Janet Napolitano, Governor of Arizona signed into law, July 2nd, a new law making business responsible for employee ID. It goes into effect January 1st, but current estimates are 100 illegals per day are fleeing the state....

Ed at Captain's Quarters writes: "The immigration hard-liners appear to have proven one of their main arguments. Illegal immigrants who face a loss of employment due to strict employer sanctions will move elsewhere, and rather quickly. One talk-radio host that caters to what the Republic calls "undocumented immigrants" estimates that the departure rate has already hit 100 per day. It will likely increase until most of them depart before the end of the year, when their jobs will disappear."

The complete story is at Captain's Quarters.

Tougher works. This morning I joined Michelle Malkin's efforts to push each and every AG in the states to come clean on their position re: sanctuary vs enforcement of federal law. I emailed Bill McCollum, Attorney General of Florida for his position, and stated mine in favor of NO sanctuary. We'll see if I get a response.