Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dems Toss Away Florida?

The scenario is not that hard to read.

Democrats at the national level, led of course by the idiot-prone Dean, have told Floridians that the national party runs the elections....not the states. What ever happened to state's rights and independence?

Now, if the Dems actually follow through....and given the madness of Dean and company I believe they will....The party is abandoning Florida and I predict the GOP candidate for President will win the state's votes.

Any post-convention effort by the Democratic national party to smooth over the event is bound to fall way short of success.

You do not slap down your party in the 4th-largest electing state and then expect them to continue any kind of blind loyalty. It appears to me the Democrats are quite busy shooting themselves in the foot over controlling the primary voting. They may well curb the trend among states to move their primary votes earlier, and in the process lose the 2008 election.