Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sick Vick......Athletes Exclusive of Law?

Michael Vick is the current symptom.

Many, many more exhibits are available.

The question begs.....W-H-Y? Why do we allow our sports idols to exist and do things which would provide a way most any of we "commoners" could spend time as the guests of the state/feds behind bars?

The mystique of sports figures is part of it. BUT there are LOTS of sports figures who never need the hidden coverage of the media/sports ruling bodies, etc.

These figures play out a career and then retire with their public recognition, and their honors intact. NO blemishes!

Michael Vick is not a singularity.......(Darryl Strawberry, Barry Bonds, and MANY more offer the same sort of "we can do what we want" mentality!)

Time for a truth check among athletes. Time for Major Sports to take responsibility for their actions, and those of the players.

Will it happen? Not likely. The achievements of a Bonds, or a Vick seem to dictate the response....and the protection against "problems"...until they are so aggregious as to be obvious to the public. Then it is Duck and Hide!