Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Terrorists? I Can't PC No Terrorists!!!!

I-D-I-O-C-Y !!!!! Thy name is Seattle Post (lack-of) Intelligencer!

Facts: FBI releases pic to media to try to locate two men who were acting suspicious on SEVERAL Seattle-area ferry rides....asking questions about the vessels, taking pics of stairways, paying attention to staff operations.....etc.

The Seattle PI refused to run the pic so as not to violate the pictured men's privacy.

This is NOT a joke folks.

Entire its unbelievable steps are available from Michelle Malkin....just go and read.

For the few readers who might wish to agree with the antique guardian of our complete set of PC often do these papers run pics with no ID of folks in public like these guys? How often does the FBI get motivated enough to seek such identification? How would the Seattle PI react to a bombing on one-two-three ferries in the area??? And people wonder why we cannot stop the Islamic terrorists! Lack of will, and freedom by our Ultra-liberal NW media (among others) to waffle into extinction!

IDIOTS! But, I repeat myself!


UPDATE: ATLAS SHRUGS blog adds more, from a 1st person...on-board report!