Friday, August 24, 2007

The V-A-S-T Wasteland?

Not talking about TV here.

I have explored a bit, thought a great deal, and decided there must be Giga-Tera-Bits (Is there such a label?) of information established in nooks crannies, and programs on the net that is, simply put......garbage!

In my case.......I know I have identities on numerous sites.....some technical, some games, some discussion groups.....(anyone remember Compuserve/SpryNET/et al? & their many discussion groups?) which i have developed as needs came and went. I today did a bit of searching on some of the engines, and found no less than 8 identities I used....mostly identical....on some of these forums.

In addition these sites store data about what I disucssed, what answers came to me, etc.

I began to imagine the vastness of the internet's storage capabilities.....

Today i read that bloggers had passed the 100 million mark? That is incredible!

All that information......A Google of my persona online gets more than 6,500 responses. Many, of course, are not really related. Not to mention I have a couple of quite famous folks who have my actual name and are highly-regarded/recognized in the field of education.

What a massive amount of information, and now the latest figues I have seen says we double our information every three years?