Thursday, July 19, 2007

"The great tragic failure in Iraq has been political failure, not military failure."

So sayeth Thomas Sowell in an article written for Real Clear Politics.

The piece can be read HERE!

Reid, Pelosi & the rest of the defeatocrats have staked their entire future politically on the failure of the US in Iraq. They will do anything they can to insure their stake is protected. They care not for the US as their country. Rather, they care about making political points.

They are in full dither mode about making it happen, and i am sure no amount of progress by our military will satisfy them in Iraq....they will still see Reid's already announced failure. It is actually Reid, Murtha, Pelosi who have failed. They failed to help their own country in a time of war.

War cannot be run by a congress that cannot even accomplish menial tasks!