Monday, May 28, 2007

Global Warming - Phooey!!!

As one cartoon character used to loudly proclaim, "That's alls I can stands; I can'ts stand no more!"

That has become my response to the confirmed Global Warming Idiotarians (for it is their religion) who loudly proclaim that the debate is settled, the discussion over, the facts known, and therefore all those who question: a) if GW actually exists and b) if it does exist is it the fault of MAN? should just shut up and go along. To question is heresy!

By the who feels there is no need for further consideration/discussion of any topic is usually the one who has run out of facts and arguments...thus wishes to end the discussion on THEIR note.

Some connections/facts/reports that the GW Idiotarians will ignore or try to pass off as not acceptable....unprofessional, etc......particularly the dyed-in-the-wool clan of "the sky is falling" church of Gore.....I have an acquaintance in Russia who is a member of the clan. Here are some facts/reports spite of your conclusions....will you read them?

1. Professor Bob Carter, of the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University in Australia had a cogent comment on Gore's film..."Gore's circumstantial arguments are so weak that they are pathetic. It is simply incredible that they, and his film, are commanding public attention." One might say that Professor Carter is only one scientist.....then one needs to read the entire article by Tom Harris on "Scientists respond to Gore's warnings of climate catastrophe". There are MANY scientists who do not agree with Gore.

2. Harris also goes a bit further with an article disputing Gore's "science" of the changes in Earth's atmosphere (real or alleged!). He is detailed in this analysis.

The 1st two above are from the Canadian Free Press.

3. There is an article in a UK paper which also disputes the Gore-facts with a story of Russian challenge to Gore's story... Including a $10,000 bet we'll COOL in the next decade. The article is penned by David Adams, Science Correspondent for The Guardian.

4. Dr. Timothy Ball says simply, the science isn't settled! and relates in his article why the clammer for elimination of discussion is idiocy!

5. Jeff Keuter examines why "The Truth is Inconvenient: Evaluating Gore's Claims About the Political Dimensions of the Climate Change Debate."

My former school-mate in Russia often spouts on the facts as settled, and not up for debate. It is a scenario used often by those who wish not to debate.

The comforting fact for me is that many are now joining the "questioning" squad.... many abandoning the former "all-inclusive" Gore Team. At the least many, many top scientists are now saying "we do not know enough to tell"....

Folks I make a bold prognostication....In ten years there will be a new "Man-Hates/Destroys Earth" cause....what will it be? A colder, freezing Earth? All Earth's water evaporating into space? Man evolving into demon?

I have not a clue, but you can bet the "Man-is-wrong" crowd will have a cause...and they will be ignoring completely the fact they were ever involved in the Global Warming scandal!

Nuff Said!