Monday, May 21, 2007

No Bill????? - That May Be The Thing!

The current count of Senators for the "Illegal Vote" (no other terminology seems to fit for me!) is more than 40 Senators opposed......only 20 in favor.......

That leaves 40......let me see.....if they split 50-50, then the bill fails by a simple majority of 60-40......

Right On!!!!!

If the bill gets the undecideds at 75% in favor the vote will be: (Check this!) 50-50!

Then the vote is really interesting.......

Bush, Pelosi and Company will find the river is channeled against them!

After all....60% of the Voters of America OPPOSE the bill for AMNESTY!

Amnesty it matter the varnish applied by Kennedy, McCain (does he believe a coordinated involvement of Kennedy will push his campaign forward???)

My god folks....let the Congressional folks learn that the majority SHOULD RULE!

The majority oppose AMNESTY, and they label the current bill as AMNESTY!

Nuff said!