Monday, May 14, 2007

Bible - Bible - Just Whose Bible Is It?

One of the items I have long been meaning to pursue is the origin of the Bible....

NO, not the original writings of the many involved in the Christian origin, but the format/words/and selection of materials which were employed in the KJV....the King James Version, the most prevalent version of today's "Bible". But then again....perhaps the original writings have been obfuscated?

I shall not, today, begin this as time has precluded me from sufficient exploration, but I find myself drawn to the origins of the Bible, and the facts...if indeed there are any...about 2 things involved in our current "Bible."

1. Just how many "books/letters/etc." were actually considered for the final version, and

2. how many literary-liberties were taken by the KJV authors?

There is much fertile ground here, and I wish to explore. I hope I can find the time and energy to do so so I might post some items upon which light might be shed for the factualness of our Bible.

Is it true to the people who wrote the books?
Is it factual?
Is it inclusive of the items/books which were available...or perhaps, selective of the facts based upon A BIAS OF THE KJV authors???, or perhaps earlier biases of earlier version editors of the books?????

Much ground here, and blind acceptance of the Bible as the definitive word is not something I accept.

More later