Monday, May 07, 2007

France's Election Offers Several Juicy Tidbits!

The Election yesterday of Sarkozy in France marks several notable things.....

Sarkozy is USA friendly & announced that fact just after winning!

He wishes to end the Socialist idiocy that has taken France down a dark road to dispare.... He'd end 35 hour work weeks; HUGE unemployment benefits which seem to exacerbate the problem; and a number of other items.

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters Blog has a quite nice roundup.......Read it all, and the links to learn about France and what may be ahead.

A final item.....The French election could spell some defeat for Hillary! The French "liberal female" lost handily.....Her platform (SEE if this sounds like a Hillary commercial) includes: Expanded Socialist programs; better benefits; more public housing paid for by the ever-dwindling taxpayers!

Maybe this portends some Hildabeast problems!

One can hope!