Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fred Thompson....On The Mind, But Not Yet In The Race!

Fred Thompson.....the closest thing I see to a Reagan Republican, is not yet running,, but certainly "exploring" the realm with his efforts to determine if he will, in fact, R-U-N.....

Some current signs:

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters explores the NYT story on Thompson.....

Meanwhile, one sure sign of serious Thompson "FEAR" by potential opponents (GOP/DEM??? Who Knows) is a current DIRT SEARCH underway!

I could easily be a Thompson fan.....But still find Giuliani to me my man....to this point. I feel Thompson could bring together the Right & Middle.....as did Reagan. & Boy-O-Boy would ANY form of a Reagan candidacy send the far left into fits of yowling and screaming???? He He!