Thursday, May 10, 2007

IRAQI Idiots Seek Death of Democracy!

The idiotarians of Iraqi Congress who have apparently signed on to a majority agreement to ask an ending timetable to the US presence are setting themselves up for a BIG fall. The folks who are voting with Al-Sadr from his "position-in-hiding" are going to find themselves slaves to al-Sadr, and his thugs when we are withdrawn.

We WILL be withdrawn, given the current attitudes.....we will leave....before the Iraqi people are stabilized and ready to control their own zest for freedom.

How very, very sad......There must be many. many gloating Democrats today.....

Wonder how they will react when the Islamist extremists succeed in setting off a bomb in the USA (or some similar item). I guess they will, as expected, blame Bush!

Democrats have NO problem abandoning the USA in their quest for power, and Liberal control.

They will never admit their ideas are wrong until after the USA falls!n then it will be someone else's fault!