Monday, May 07, 2007

N. Korea Continues to Shill The World....USA Included!

The North Korea architects of "Lie and Deceive" are still rowing the boat.

These idiots are emboldened by the oblivious reactions of a world gone stupid!

We agreed upon the plan to solve this N. Korean problem.....(one they created by counterfeiting our money!).... and now they have balked at following-up on their end......

We freed up their 25 million dollars.....They declined to shut down their nuclear reactor!......

The problem is THEIRS!....No bank, worth its salt, will take their money as it is "tainted"......

They blame US!

Thus they will shut down their reactor.....WHEN they find a buyer for their tainted money!

How quaint!

How STUPID of the United States!

These "Bs" need to be taught a lesson....."You avoided the last agreement....produce on this or D-I-E!" But then we have given,. and given, and given to these meglomaniacs........and we still do!

They are already killing their own people at A TRULY Terrifying rate! They LET them die in favor of feeding their massive army of "UNNEEDED" soldiers.....

Is our country ever going to learn NOT to deal with these idiots?

Given our government.....Doubtful!