Monday, May 14, 2007

The Gate is O-P-E-N!!!!

NOTE: Sorry for the long delay in posting, but still nursing The Duchess as she recovers from shoulder surgery and cannot drive/do laundry/cook, etc.

Now on with it.......

This is one YOU NEED TO READ!!! (from Mark Steyn)

Then consider the possibilities. 12-20 million illegals. Do you suppose one or two of them might be potential terrorists not yet identified by a local photo-shop clerk?

You want to take that chance? Do you have a choice? YES! Let your Congressmen and Senators know how much you want illegals controlled, and identified and dealt with... That, my friends, is the only possible way to prevent an eventual group of the idiotarian illegals (Terrorists) from striking a blow.

Such a blow will result in another round of political finger-pointing, and useless solutions. ONLY an actual program to control illegals access and residency here will end this risk.

Oh, and tell that to a Liberal friend who will, I am sure, find 97 reasons to not agree until the day that one group of terrorists....illegals almost assuredly.... will do their damage.