Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In The Tampa Tribune: Subtitle...."Over 80% Reject Attacks"

That is Muslims IN THE USA!
Maybe their headline and story should be in perspective......Oh, like say the story on Neal Boortz web page:


A Pew Research Center poll released this week reveals that one in four young Muslims living in America feels that suicide bombings to defend their religion are just fine, thank you very much. So, how's that for a religion of peace? I guess the good news here is that three out of four younger Muslims, and about 80 percent of Muslims altogether, say that suicide bombings are not appropriate. Just the same, one in four is a pretty hefty number, especially when the the idea of defending their religion includes the act of killing people who draw cartoons of Mohammed or utter any negative comment of any nature whatsoever about Islam. Remember .. these are Muslims living in the United States, many of whom were born here. This would mean that the Muslims who support the idea of suicide bombings have been taught to think this way in their Mosques an in their associations with other Muslims. This is where homegrown terrorism comes from, the type of homegrown terrorism that has been showing up in England in recent years.

There is other news in the Pew poll worthy of note:

* Only 5 percent of U.S. Muslims have favorable views of Al Qaeda. Another 4 percent just wouldn't say. That's not a small number.
* Sixty percent say they are concerned about a rise in Islamic extremism in the U.S.
* Now get this one --- only 25 percent of U.S. Muslims actually believe that the attacks of 9/11 were carried out by Arab men. They're either lying or they are brainwashed.

There's good news too! About one-third of U.S. Muslims who have flown in the past year say that they had to endure some extra security screening because they are Muslims. That is at it should be. Profiling is a good defensive technique against Muslim violence.

Also ... some numbers on who these Muslims are. There are about 2.35 million Muslims in America. Of that number about 470,000 are American-born blacks and about 1.5 million are foreign born.


If you're operating any heavy machinery right now .... stop. What you're about to read and hear is so completely absurd that you're sure to double over with laughter.

Last week we had a meeting of some group called the "Organization of the Islamic Conference." During their conference the foreign ministers of the member countries decided that they needed, for some reason known only to Allah, to determine just what was the gravest terrorist threat in the world today.

OK ... are you ready? Do you really want to know what these Muslim leaders consider to be the greatest terror threat in the world today?

You asked for it.

The greatest terror threat in the world to day is ...... Islamophobia!

Yup! Now you know! Islamophobia is terrorism! And just how do you define Islamophobia? Well ... it's the "deliberate defamation of Islam and discrimination and intolerance against Muslims." Scares me! Scare you?

You say something defamatory about Islam ... like scoffing at the idea that it is a religion of peace .. and that's terrorism! You show little tolerance for people who call for your death and the death of your country, and that's terrorism! Not only is it terrorism, but it's the worst and most dangerous form of terrorism in the world!

Wait ... we aren't through with the hilarity. The ministers also informed us that "The linkage of terrorists and extremists with Islam in a generalized manner is unacceptable."

Maybe it's just me, but have any of you seen any terrorists around here lately who weren't Muslims?

Sure .. there are some rare exceptions, but generally speaking ALL terrorists are Muslims. The linkage is there. To ignore it is unacceptable, not to mention extremely dangerous.

Now ... before I move on. Let's be fair here. There are some Christians out there who support the idea of shooting doctors who perform abortions, or blowing them up with bombs. So let's not get too cocky here.

Disclaimer: The author of these notes, that being Neal Boortz, understands that comments that could be construed as negative were made about people who more likely than not are not what we would accept as being "white." As such, these comments automatically and by operation of law constitute racism and hate speech."

You have to wonder if we had a survey of other ethnic/religious groups in the USA and any one of them had 20% who did not reject suicide attacks....would not you be really really calling for some action?

At least the Mexican Illegals only want to turn the SW of the USA into Northern Mexico.....wait a minute.....that is what Muslim terrorists want (you know, the ones doing the bombing and suicide attacks)....They want us to be Muslims! If not, then they will kill us!

20% of the Muslim USA population feels this is OK???????

Just get your head around that one folks, and then ignore any future comments and complaints from Muslims when they seem to find "Islamophobia." We calls it Self-Preservation folks.

If one in five of any group feel it is OK to commit suicide killings...I am going to oppose, watch, track, and keep a weapon pointed in their direction!

How safe do you feel?