Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Illegal Immigrants Cost YOU & I....Billions!

The Heritage Foundation has just released a report that you'll not see in the Antique Media (Main Stream Media). I'd bet on it!

Seems they have calculated the value of those Illegal Immigrant families without whom we're told we could not possibly run the country.

Guess what......That is Completely Bogus!

The report tells us each such family costs we taxpayers $19,500 per year. That is the difference between what they pay in taxes and what we "award" them in benefits! That, by the way, adds up to about $89 BILLION per year total.

The actual report by the Heritage group is long and hard to read....however they have conveniently provided an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY!

That one you can read cause you are not going to hear this from the media or read it in the newspapers.

Ever wonder why such information as this does not get coverage? Well, in case you have not yet figured it out......this completely disagrees with the Bush/Democrat statements on our need for these criminals to be here.

Still wondering why the Congress and President keep trying to shove down our throats something we, as a population, are so very, very opposed to?

Cause we don't vote the thoughts we have.....and when some do....as in the 2006 elections, they find the Democrats are just as bad....no even worse than the GOP in terms of meaning what they promise. That's why the populer level of support for the Congress is currently SEVERAL POINTS BELOW that of the President...who has a really bad rating.

Time for a true 3rd party folks.