Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dems - "I Got Your Ethics Right Here!"

Thumb your nose at the voters and they change the party in control. Happened in 2006. Dems have made the moves many predicted.....some even seem ashamed as they circled the wagons today around the foul mouth of John Murtha.......

So much for Dem cures for bad ethics. (LINK REMOVED BY AP!)

"Ethics, you see any ethics? I don't see no damn ethics!"

Best tool the GOP has going....the Dems actions vs their stated goals and their promises.


UPDATE......Sorry for the busted link......never could believe those AP guys....they change their stories hourly! The link led you to a story of how the Democrats....you know the party of honor, honesty, and ethics in politics (their campaign slogans!!!!!) voted NOT to censure John Murtha after he blatently, and publicly threatened a Rep (GOP) who tried to stop one of his many pork projects. His threat.....that the Rep in question would not "now or ever" get any items approved for his district.

Dems see nothing wrong with that statement......Blinders on......"Ethics, you see any ethics?....I don't see no damn Ethics!"

HT to "Stogie" for spotting the busted link!