Thursday, February 08, 2007

Help(LESS) Support! - HP Style

Give me a break......Please!

If the edges of this post are a bit singed it is my overheated cellphone, and the heat emitted by my overloaded brain!

I bought a new HP PC thru a vendor (Tiger Direct, one of my favorite places)....Then I added an extended 4 year "Care Pack" from HP...also thru the vendor.

Now I get an email telling me to register my "Care Pack"....

I go to the site online, insert the proper numbers/sn/model, etc.

I push the "Preview" button, and it sits there......I try everything...Nothing works. Time for PLAN their helpdesk/support, et al.

In the space of just over 36 minutes I am given the grand tour of FIVE different people.....

It went like this.... 1st guy named "Jim", but sounding amazingly like my Indian owner of the local drive thru liquor store (is that what he does in the little office on the phone?) He finally deduces that he is a printer person, and thus cannot help me.....2nd is "Ragman"??? who can understand as he sits in his office in India.....he is a computer man, but cannot help me as my model PC is a "Commercial" model which he deos not handle.....3rd, someone whose name has now escaped me completely.....he handles "Commerical PCs", but not registration of warranties.... for that I get 4th man who is breaking up on the phone because as he told me I have been transferred too many times and each call then forwards and makes the phone crazy.. or something similar. This guy handles PC warranty problems!!!!

He calls me back to "clear the line" and then sends me to the registration for my warranty... and I am disconnected.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I now, however have the # which guy 4 gave me, and I call back.....three times. Each time I click thru the various selections to the apparent proper department only to be in "queue" which the female voice tells me is only a minute.....firat two times I wait for about 30 seconds and the line disconnects. 3rd time, I wait FIFTEEN minutes and nobody answers, ever.

I love ya HP.....Really.....Is there a Dell salesman out there??????

I'll try again in the morning when I and my cell are cooler!